Sell Your Car in Rancho Cordova

Do you have an old, non-working, troublesome, or unsightly vehicle you’d like to get rid of? You may have been wondering just what to do with it and who do you call to take care of these things. You might be tempted to just give it away, but why do that when you can take it to a business that will buy cars for cash? All Trucks Foreign Auto in Rancho Cordova, will pay you cash to junk your car. Get that vehicle out of your yard and get money for it today.

Recycle for the Environment

All Trucks Foreign Auto believes in using as much of a car as can be used. The vast majority of a vehicle is recyclable, which means that most of your car can be reused in other cars. We sell those parts of your car that can be used in other vehicles and recycle the rest, which is good for the environment, good for the auto industry, and good for you.

Let All Trucks Foreign Auto buy your car for cash. Click on the button below to fill out the form to get started, or call us at (916) 638-3838.